Here at Anomalie, we’re all about really getting to know our brides and taking their individual style and designing a one-of-a-kind creation for them. But when we first met Alisha of Lish Creative, with her contagious energy and unique wedding inspiration board (we’re talking pops of color and cotton candy), we knew it was fate; we were style soul sisters. Only Anomalie could create a dress fitting for this fabulous bride-to-be!

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So we joined forces and we’re chatting with her today because we just can’t wait for her wedding next spring to share some details with you! And the really fun part? Alisha created a video documenting the process so far for all us to soak up and get inspired by – don’t miss it below!

But first, let’s chat all about planning and prepping Alisha’s amazing wedding and dress…

What ultimately made you decide to go custom vs. the traditional wedding dress route?

Alisha: I want everything about our wedding to feel unique. And when it comes to the dress, I want it to be something that no one’s really seen before. Most traditional wedding dresses all look similar to me; I’m excited to stand out!

Describe the inspiration for your dress and mood board?

Alisha: I wanted something glam and FUN! I have been a fan of fringe for a long time – it has art deco vibes but is still very modern to me. It’s also been a red carpet trend recently, so we pulled a lot of those Oscar dresses as inspiration.


Alisha’s wedding dress lookbook is like a Pinterest board, only she’ll see her inspirations come together in one dress that will include all her favorite elements!

What were the highlights of the Anomalie design process?

Alisha: Seeing the sketch come to life was really exciting and I loved being able to pick from multiple lace and fringe options!

What was it like seeing the sketch of your dress?

Alisha: Amazing! Every piece of inspiration was taken into consideration, it’s perfect.2018-05-29

What elements are you most looking forward to seeing in your final dress design?

Alisha: I’m really excited for the fringe and the beaded, drapey sleeve! (3)

This fringe will be used on Alisha’s skirt! Want the same look? Ask your stylist about it on the initial consultation!

Any tips for future Anomalie brides?

Alisha: Trying on dresses in person really did help me decide on a silhouette and neckline, so I would recommend that for sure!

Alisha’s wedding is still a year away (May 4th, 2019 to be exact) but we’re already counting down the days! In the meantime, we have this fun video to continue the excitement!

Making of an Anomalie gown in stop motion 🎊- LISH creative

Posted by Anomalie on Tuesday, May 29, 2018

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