Designing and creating lace have long been unique expressions of women’s artistry. Incorporating lace into a look is common amongst all fashion, not just in wedding dresses (but we like to think it’s the most beautiful application for this delicate detail). Anomalie stylists collaborate with brides to choose lace designs that complement and enhance their unique visions for their dresses. From 3D appliqués to intricate lattice work, Anomalie’s stylists have curated a list of some of our brides’ most popular lace requests.

1. 3D flowers

For the second year in a row, 3D lace flower appliqués can be seen blooming on runways and bridal gowns alike. Luxurious and feminine, appliqué botanical details emerge from dresses to complement and harmonize with their environment – floral centerpieces or the natural surroundings of an outdoor wedding. It’s clear that the classic romance of flowers is not lost on a generation of brides who came of age both appreciating the precious fragility of the environment and rocking out in flower crowns.


2. Lattice Lace + Swiss Dot

Versatile and expressive, lattice lace brings bold geometric flair to a gown. Set against bare skin, it seductively evokes the look of fishnet stocking; laid over sheer fabric or blended into brocade, its modern elegance is particularly flattering on form-fitting dresses.

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Photos by Feather + North, Anomalie Bride Reny

It’s no surprise that swiss dot style lace is trending at a moment when bohemian chic, rose-gold, and unabashed femininity dominate the runway and fast-fashion industries alike. Also known as points d’esprit, the swiss dot pattern lends a youthful and carefree panache to a wedding dress, whether accompanying a floral lace pattern to evoke stars or petals, or adorning an illusion bodice/neckline for a look that is equally eye-catching and demure.

3. Kate Middleton-inspired lace

Kate Middleton has displayed the ornate lace pattern, now considered her signature look, from galas to political events, but her stunning Alexander McQueen wedding gown is what inspired the trend of sumptuous floral applique lining illusion sleeves and necklines. Middleton’s gown combined the elegant floral motif lace with a narrow waistline, a padded Victorian-style semi-bustle, and a sweeping cathedral train that delighted the inner princess of brides worldwide.Anomalie-lace-trends-kate-middleton

4. Colored Linings underneath romantic lace

White lace details on a white gown are elegant and subtle, but if you want to ensure that intricate lacework stands out, you may choose to incorporate a colorful lining underneath. Anomalie brides have used champagne, blush, stone, and even violet linings under lace to create a captivating contrast. A nude-colored lining can also be used in place of an illusion bodice for a ‘sheer’ look that doesn’t reveal as much skin.anomalie-lace-trends-lining

5. Vine lace + fall inspired designs (leaves, vines, branch lace)

Vine- and leaf- patterned lace can lend a subtle enchanted-forest flourish to a dress. Nature’s variety inspires equally diverse designs: delicate vine patterns combined with floral appliqués are pure springtime, while bold vine and leaf lace patterns are more sensuous, especially when wrapped around a fitted bodice.Anomalie-lace-trends-vines

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