Heels—we can all agree they’re gorgeous. Blisters? Not so much. In an era when we’re becoming more empowered and in touch with ourselves, being able to, well, actually walk, is key. The great news is you don’t have to choose between comfort and style. Shoes that look and feel good aren’t unicorns—they actually exist!—and they’ll be your sidekick whether you’re hustling or dancing the night away. Today, we’re focusing on the latter—because we expect that’s exactly what you’ll be doing on your wedding day.

Scroll down to learn all about comfy bridal shoe options + an AWESOME GIVEAWAY!

Anomalie bride wearing white chunky heel sandals with her wedding gown.

Anomalie bride, Tyler, opted for a minimalist chunky heel sandal. Photo: Kelsie Sneegas Photography

Anomalie bride wearing her tea-length dress with kitten heels.

Haley complemented her custom-made Anomalie gown with kitten heels. Photo: Nest Photography

Harmless Heels

Whether it’s low heels, block heels, or wedges, think any type of heel except the sky-high stiletto number that only models can wear as if a walk in the park—because they get paid to. If you’re seeking added height, easy heels are your gals. They will provide you with comfort and support without the excruciating pain caused by high, skinny heels.

—Brides are recommending Bella Belle and Badgley Mishka!

Screenshot of Instagram poll with brides praising kitten heels!

Some of our Insta brides are loving the kitten heel.

Anomalie bride wearing chunky-heeled boots with her column gown.

Elizabeth partnered her Anomalie dress with daring boots. Photo: Lindsey Smith

Bold Boots

Boots weren’t only made for walking—but for dancing, too! As long as it doesn’t feature a stiletto heel (which we’re clearly avoiding at all costs), any boot will be a reliable option for your big day—bonus points if you’re going for a rustic theme. Try a traditional cowboy style or opt for something modern and edgy with minimal detailing.

—Brides are recommending Frye, Doc Martens, Seychelles, and vintage styles!

Screenshot of Instagram poll with brides praising boots!

Other brides also expressed their love for boots!

Anomalie bride wearing rose-gold sparkly sneakers with her puffy gown.

Stephanie married her romantic Anomalie dress with sparkly lace-up sneakers. Photo: Adrien Craven

Anomalie bride wearing charcoal, glittery sneakers with a pom pom on top.

Anomalie bride, Kayla, chose edgy slip-on sneakers for her wedding by the lake. Photo: Mountain Weddings

Anomalie bride wearing burgundy Converse sneakers to match her groom.

Christy matched her beau with burgundy Converse sneakers to complete her Anomalie look. Photo: Kama Catch Me (Ropate and Gitte)

Sleek Sneakers

Ah, sneakers—the embodiment of comfort. It really doesn’t get any cushier than this. If what you’re picturing when we say “sneakers” is a dad-style, chunky, neon-trimmed sneaker, then allow us to illustrate. Think a minimalist, white leather sneaker; or maybe a textured style with some shimmery threads or added sparkle; or pop-of-color sneakers to match your lovely groom.

—Brides are strongly recommending Kate Spade x Keds and Converse! Other popular brands? All Birds, Vans, and Vionic Shoes.

Screenshot of Instagram poll with brides praising sneakers!

We got an overwhelming amount of support and recommendations for sneakers!

Anomalie bride wearing her gown at the beach with no shoes.

Anomalie bride, Brenda, kept it easy by going barefoot at the beach. Photo: Stephanie Brauer Photography

Anomalie bride wearing jeweled barefoot sandals at the beach.

Chablis partnered her Anomalie creation with jeweled barefoot sandals. Photo: Capture Destiny Photos

Barefoot Bliss

The way nature intended it: ditching shoes altogether. Going barefoot is a great alternative if you’re having a beach wedding. Side note: please direct your attention to the glistening barefoot sandals Chablis donned on her wedding day.

Screenshot of Instagram poll with brides praising the barefoot look!

We’ve got some barefoot-forward brides in our midst, too.

Anomalie bride wearing black pointed-toe flats with her converted mini dress.

Anomalie bride, Stephanie, wore elegant pointed-toe flats with jeweled ankle straps. Photo: Cupcakes Photography

Anomalie bride wearing flats with her lace sheath dress.

Dev finished her Anomalie look with feminine flats. Photo: Jarrell Peak

Femme Flats

Flats are graceful, comfy, and versatile—the holy trinity of effortless style. Plus, there are so many styles you can choose from! From a classic round toe to an edgy pointed toe, plus a variety of materials ranging from understated leather to rich suede—no matter your personal style, there’s a pair of flats out there that’s just right for you.

rescue flats for blog

—Brides are loving Rescue Flats! This woman-led company is focused on empowering women, and it all starts with elegantly-crafted flats that don’t skimp on comfort. Because a filled dancefloor is just the icing on the cake on your big day (and we’re all about that icing), the magic of Rescue Flats extends well beyond the bride. They also offer bridal party flats and wedding guest box sets to ensure everyone can go from standing heels to dancing feels in a flash.

rescue flats post

Comfy shoes take you places (quite literally), so we’re introducing a fun little giveaway to help you get there. Shall we get down to the nitty-gritty? Follow these easy steps:

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Pro-Stylist Tip: Take the shoes you’re wearing on your wedding day to your dress fitting, and keep in mind the type of shoe you wish to wear as you design your Anomalie dress. Talk to a Stylist to get all the help you deserve!

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