There’s something special, even sexy about an illusion wedding dress. We’ve seen an uptick in illusion tulle wedding gowns over the past year. Illusion tulle provides a proper lining and offers soft structure to wedding dresses with lace, sleeves, plunging necklines or buttons. It’s a gorgeous way to add support and barely-there coverage to your wedding dress.

But, just like matching the proper shade of foundation, selecting the proper color bridal mesh can be the difference between OMG and oh, no! The benefit of creating a custom gown with Anomalie is being able to select the right illusion tulle to match YOUR skin! Traditional bridal boutiques usually offer a very limited selection of palettes, if any.

Here’s four tricks to selecting the right color illusion tulle for your skin-tone:

Illusion tulle button back custom wedding dress.

Gary O. Photo

1. Let your stylist know your general skin tone

We’ve done extensive research to ensure we offer a number of illusion tulle options for brides of all skin tones. We have three different palettes – light, medium and dark. We’ve designed dresses for Caucasian, Asian, Indian, Italian and African American brides, so we’re ready and willing to help you find the perfect match! Let your stylist know during your initial consultation that you’re interested in illusion tulle to match your skin.

Illusion tulle long sleeved wedding dress from Anomalie.

1216 Studio Wedding Photography

2. Test the illusion tulle

Once you receive your fabric samples, hold the illusion tulle up to your skin area where it will be placed on your dress: the back, neck, bust or arms. Be sure you’re testing the illusion with two layers of tulle stacked on top of each other. We double the tulle for durability so the dress won’t tear on the big day! Hello, coverage – no wardrobe malfunctions here!

Test the swatches one at a time and side by side. Have your mom or maid of honor help you hold the swatches and provide an opinion!

Low cut wedding dress with illusion mesh support.

3. Think ahead

Are you planning on getting a spray tan before your wedding? If so, we’d suggest planning for this when selecting the right color. This will be a good opportunity to do a trial run for you big day to make sure you select the correct color (for your spray tan and for your tulle)! Or, if you’re getting married in the summer and have more tan skin vs. in the winter when you’re creating your gown, think about that as well.


4. Play with lighting and photography

Make sure to test the color in a well-lit room. Our stylists suggest testing in both artificial and natural light. Snap photos indoors and out to see how the color holds up in different lights, especially if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony followed by an indoor or nighttime reception!

Stylist tip: Celebs are the masters at illusion tulle, so find your favorite red carpet frocks to add to your inspiration board. Bonus points if you find a celeb whose skin tone matches your own! Get started with your custom wedding dress today!