We took a cue from recently engaged ladies and asked them for their most burning questions as they start their wedding dress search. No matter where you buy your gown, whether it’s designing a dress online or purchasing from a boutique, we want to be a resource for you, so we’ve summed up our Instagram-hosted Q&A to help you in your quest. Want to get one-on-one enlightenment? Schedule an initial consultation with a Stylist to shed some light on the Anomalie process!

Bride blush tiered wedding dress with beaded belt

Megan designed a tiered blush wedding gown, using Anomalie’s custom online design process. Photo: Derek Halkett

Should I try on dresses at a shop before doing a consultation?

Trying on dresses is definitely helpful, especially when you’re unsure about the silhouette you want. Once you nail down the perfect fit, you’ll be more confident in your dress design choices (and in the dress itself!). If you’re even considering a custom creation with Anomalie, we suggest scheduling your intro call as soon as possible in order to get an understanding of the process, timeline, and discuss preparations for your Design Consultation.

Destination beach wedding, ceremony exit, blush custom wedding gown

Photo: Nicole Ashley

When is the latest you can order? Do you charge a rush fee?

Ideally, you want to order your dress 8-12 months out from your wedding date, but you can place your order as late as seven months before the big day (please note that there may be some design limitations when ordering under eight months and you will be placed in an accelerated timeline). We do not charge a rush fee but some tailors do if you wait less than six weeks to schedule your first fitting, so keep this in mind when scheduling your dress fitting and definitely talk to your tailor in advance.

How long does the dress creation usually take?

You will typically receive your dress 5-6 months after placing your order for your custom gown. We allow one month to confirm fabrics, design details and measurements, and 4-5 months to produce the gown. This timeline is subject to change based on the complexity of the gown (i.e. hand beading or custom embroidery) and how quickly you confirm required details throughout the process. If you order at least eight months before the wedding, you will receive your dress with plenty of time for any necessary alterations, but we recommend starting the process at that 9-12 month range.

Anomalie custom onling wedding dress, couple kissing, exposed corset fit and flare wedding dress online

Ariana designed a fit and flare lace gown with a low back and exposed corset. Photo: Krizel Photography

How much do dresses cost? Do you have a minimum-maximum?

Anomalie dresses typically range between $1000-$2000, depending on the type and amount of fabric used, as well as any added embellishments such as lace or beading. If you’re designing a heavily beaded dress, an extravagant ballgown, or looking to add accessories like an overskirt, cape or custom veil, the price could go over $2000. Text us your inspiration pics at (415) 669-6889 to get a price quote!

Should I get one dress or two?

It depends! Two dresses are a no-brainer if you want to switch up your look. But if you’re looking for something more affordable—and you want to go from ceremony to reception without skipping a beatwe can design an overskirt for the ceremony which you can wear over your party-bride dress. The overskirt is an extremely popular alternative that nearly 50% of Anomalie brides have gone for. Looking for something different? We’ll gladly add an elegant cape or a dainty veil to mix things up.

Anomalie custom online blush wedding dress with matching overskirt, reception gown, custom sketch

Stephanie designed two looks in one by adding an overskirt to her reception gown for her ceremony. Photo: Cupcake Photography

I’m working to shed pounds for the wedding. When should I start shopping for a dress if I have a weight loss goal?!

Whether you order a dress from Anomalie or from a traditional boutique, you should plan to start shopping for dresses at least nine months before your wedding—the industry standard for ordering your gown is an eight-month lead time. But don’t fret! If you’re working to lose weight, your Stylist will partner with you on your measurement submission deadline. That being said, you should anticipate needing alterations for your gown, so discuss your dress design and timeline with your local tailor—and plan your budget accordingly!

Does Anomalie design flower girl dresses?

Yes! Something you can add to your Design Consultation checklist. Talk to your Stylist about designing a flower girl dress(es) to match your custom gown!  

Bride and flower girl holding hands on a rooftop.

You can design your flower girl dress with us, just like Jamie Thimmesh did!

Does Anomalie design and create custom accessories to complement a dress I already bought?

At this time, we only make custom accessories (i.e. overskirts, capes, boleros and veils) to match custom dress orders. If you’re looking for a veil, check out our recently-launched line of semi-custom veils which are available in single and double tiers, in an array of trim options in fingertip, court and cathedral lengths. 

Can you help me design my dress if I don’t know exactly what I want?

Whether you’re torn between a few different designs or trying to decide if you should incorporate certain details, we can definitely help you narrow down your choices! What matters the most is that you feel confident in the dress you want to design.



I live in the Midwest. Would I be able to order a dress from you guys?

YES! We work with brides throughout the US and Canada via the online dashboard and over the phone. We’ll send you fabric samples in the mail and provide a detailed instruction sheet for you to take your measurements and submit them.


Pro-Stylist Tip: You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. As you get started on your search for the perfect dress, we encourage you to get the know-how that will pave the way to your gorgeous wedding gown! We’re here to help, so schedule an intro call and let’s talk custom-made-glory business.

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